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Features of the included eComstation 2.0rc7 Guest Virtual machine:

  • Run eComstation on state of the art Quad Core processor!

  • Run your favorite eComstation applications while having full access to the latest Internet applications via Linux. Applications such as Skype, webcams, youtube, direct IP to IP (VOIP), and more.

  • Samba Client can read/write from/to Linux shares and Window shares (tested with XP).

  • Networking printing, (tested with 2 different printers).

  • OS/2 additions applied (supports clipboard between host/client) and seamless mouse between host environment and guest session.

  • System sounds work.

  • Internet browsing with Installed Firefox.

  • Can mount data CD/DVDs for reading.

  • Can toggle to fullscreen easily; Also can use the nice feature of workspaces which allows the virtual machine to have a workspace all to itself.

  • Combine this with our beautifully configured Quad Core processor- NOW that's a GREAT COMBO!

  • Includes a license to run one included eCS guest session (described above) on the purchased hardware.

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updated: 12jan2010a