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What do YOU get in a CSSPC system ?

In one word - VALUE - but you probably want to know more.

CSSPC computer systems includes many important details for stable and reliable long term use. Some of these details include: using 'open source' software, memory error correcting code (ECC), and installing an underlying operating system that is robust and very stable with security features designed in its core. Such configured systems are not typically offered to small customers by others competitors. CSSPC believes that the skillfully assembled and carefully configured systems we offer will reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It should also make your computer usage more stable, secure, and enjoyable.

CSSPC realizes the key to a great system is dependent on BOTH quality hardware and software.

The computer systems and accessories offered here have been evaluated, configured and assembled by Curtis Systems Software P.C. (CSSPC) or trusted associates unless otherwise stated. We believe both small businesses and home users will find that our systems are great values. Most users understand that a computer system consists of two main components: hardware and software. Both are interdependent in providing a great computing environment. This aspect of interdependence is very key without both solid hardware AND software you have a system that is only as strong as its weakest link.

CSSPC selects quality computer hardware and components.

CSSPC begins with selecting hardware that is of value. Before a new component is advertised for sale by CSSPC, we first test a sample component internally for reliability, performance and functionality. We realize that most user's time is spent typically in a few very key applications, such as a Internet browser, word processor, email, and perhaps an instant messaging or chat application. These types of applications can demand much memory so we provide in our Desktop base units at least 2GB of memory and in our portable computers at least 1GB of memory. We also realize that most users today also want to have many of these applications open and be able to switch immediately between them so we offer machines with fast CPUs (brains).

CSSPC offers fast CPUs with reliable ECC memory functionality.

CSSPC desktop base units offered have dual (2 brains), Quad (4 brains), or Hex (6 brains) Core CPUs. We also select whenever possible components that support ECC (Error Correcting Code) memory. This type of functionality increases data integrity and reduces the probability of data corruption including contamination of your critically important documents such as financial, legal and other detailed records. ECC functionality reduces the chances that memory errors will go undetected. Such errors can and do cause computers to lockup/freeze or worse save corrupted data back to disk. However, just having ECC memory by itself is not enough, ECC functionality must be supported by the CPU, motherboard (main board), and the memory installed -- CSSPC has such components integrated together.

The cost of having ECC memory protection is relatively small but is important in achieving a very robust, highly stable and secure system. Most of our competitors do not offer ECC memory protection on their systems because they can not be bothered to take the time to explain the advantages to customers. We at CSSPC believe all possible causes of data loss and data corruption should be minimized especially in the world of ever increasing exposures due to larger internal memories and enormous storage devices. The cost of one additional lockup/freeze per year or even one case of data loss-corruptions is usually more than the extra cost to have the ECC memory protection.

CSSPC tests each machine before it ships.

We verify the output ports: video, USB, etc., pass our internal checkout tests. We also make any needed updates to the BIOSes [the underlying interfaces that talks to the low level components] and ensure they are stable with the software we offer with the computers. This is especially important since many manufacturers are constantly changing those components. Sometimes with other suppliers, machines are sent to users without the required changes [creating a frustration you shouldn't have especially since it is a brand new computer].

CSSPC offers configured machines which uses limited resources better.

Netbook are typically machines that are under 4lbs and that have twelve inch sized LCDs or smaller. The netbooks we offer especially benefit from the software we configure on them since typically in keeping these machines small, light, and extending battery power, they can have less computing power and memory than A/C powered Desktops. [A/C powered Desktops don't have these portable constraints such as size, weight, heat generated by faster CPUs, and energy consumption.] See 'CSSPC installs and recommends .... Linux operating system' (below) for more details.

CSSPC offers and recommends other commonly needed components that are known to work for our offered systems. You don't need to go hunting to find commonly sought after components that work well with the computer systems we offer. We also offer additional attachments and media which should be methodically used to insure against data lost. While our systems are some of the best offered, all computer systems can fail and warrants users to employ some systematic procedure for backing up their data items. [CSSPC will in the near future offer recovery media to restore the machine with the main OS and software as it left our facility, this may require the use of a DVD drive.]

CSSPC installs and recommends, the secure and efficient Linux operating system (OS).

Many of the concepts and core designs of Linux originated in the 1960's and 1970's from the UNIX OS. Key concepts especially in today computing interconnected (network and Internet) worlds are more important than ever. Many people have had their computers thrashed, information stolen, or made almost impossible to use their computer due to viruses. The architecture employed by Linux has security based in its core design. Data and system files are separated. Regular users can not easily stomp on files they do not own much less view them. This separation of data also aids in keeping user generated data faster/easier to backup and restore. (Saving storage space too.) Some OSes do not typically provide this separation or security and if they do its not integrated in the core design (it usually just an afterthought). Unix based systems, such as Linux have had this for many years and it has been time tested. Generally the Linux OS is very efficient with disk and memory usage. Linux will typically run on machines that are almost unusable running equivalent applications on other operating systems using the identical hardware!

CSSPC uses open source which aids in breaking the 'upgrade' churn every time MS says its time to 'upgrade'.

Besides the architectural security and data separation concepts, the Linux OS also has greatly benefited from some newer ideas where the computer code is open for all to see, AKA 'open source'. This has greatly improved the chances of extending and enhancing software rather than starting from scratch. The Linux OS also is open source. Extremely useful and world class applications have been made available for many different OSes due to the fact they are based on open source. Let CSSPC stress the point a key advantage of open source is that it allows future extensions to be more easily accomplished than if one does not have the computer source code to begin with. This becomes more important after you have invested in any computer system. Or would you rather be continually tethered and forced by the latest whiz bang version of yet another over promised and under delivered version of Microsoft (MS) windows, which still gets infected with viruses, while requiring in almost all cases a brand new and much faster computer. It also typically requires you reinstall and repurchase applications that also contains features that you didn't want or need, etc.

[CSSPC agrees with others MS products are something to avoid.

CSSPC has much experience with using many operating systems (OS) and tools. We recommend to avoid using any OS and related applications that are too susceptible to viruses by their design or lack thereof. Our experience has shown that such an inherently flawed OS is the Microsoft (MS) windows environment. There have been estimates that the number of viruses for MS windows approaches 140,000 viruses. We also do not believe the tactics MS has employed all too frequently in past years such as changing office document formats which has made it difficult for users of non-MS products to view and modify even though the sender specifically wanted the recipient to be able to read and change. Therefore CSSPC avoids and does not recommend anyone depending on such products.] If you believe you MUST have access to MS applications, CSSPC recommends doing that through virtualization, which we offer.

CSSPC installs many current and well performing open source applications on CSSPC systems. Applications such as:
  • Full office suite:
    This suite contains very powerful but user friendly functionality. It includes top of the line word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database, and powerful draw applications. [CSSPC is continually amazed at the enhancements that are frequently added. We have been using the suite since 2004].

  • Internet browser: Firefox
    This browser by many (including CSSPC) is considered second to none. Firefox supports a continually growing list of enhancement and increased productivity features, not found in other browsers. We also preload Chromium Web browser

  • Email application: Thunderbird
    This has been available for many years and has a expanding feature set and is continually improved.

  • Small business accounting application: GnuCash
    We also install help to aid you to quickly get up to speed using this great app.

  • Instant messaging or chat application: Pidgin
    This application communicates with many different instant messaging servers and corresponding protocols.

  • Image manipulation: GIMP, Draw, etc.

  • And MORE!

CSSPC offers technical support in English.
We are a USA based company. Our staff and trusted associates have much background in computing, in both software and hardware.

In summary, CSSPC OFFERS VALUE based on EXPERIENCE delivering you a QUALITY computer system comprised of qualified hardware, carefully configured software which reduces your Total Cost of Ownership while providing technical SUPPORT, security, stability, and an enjoyable computing experience.

We hope you'll purchase your next system or systems from CSSPC and
experience the difference.

Constructive comments and suggestions are always welcomed. If there are features or devices you don't see
listed on our Computing systems and accessories webpage, please let us know, we may be able to offer them soon.

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